About Us


We are a Nation of the many unrecognized Aborginal/American Indian tribes across the Americas. We have re-established our Nation in an effort to educate our families, friends and people around the world regarding our true history and culture here in the Americas (North, Central and South America). 


For many years, our history has been a lie in the eyes of the public. Many of our people were taught via the public school systems, the media and television (Hollywood) that our people were captured by white men in Africa, placed in chains and brought to the Americas on slave ships. This has been the biggest lie every told in American History.




"We are the copper-colored north American Indian descendants of the Aborigine people of north, central and south America.  Our ancestors are the overthrown enslaved Indians in America that you read about in many of the United States history books, newspapers, articles, colleges, news media, Hollywood movies, etc. Our identity was hidden for many years. As a people, we were forced off of our lands and to assimilate in the Union States. Our ancestors were also not allowed to speak our original languages. Rather, we had to learn how to speak like “mainstream white society” in Christian Churches and educational institutions across America (boarding schools, public schools, colleges, and universities).  Indeed, the motto back then was “convert or die”.  Many of the “thousands” of tribes that our ancestors were formerly known by across America became “unrecognized” by the United States Government.  

When our ancestors were forced to assimilate within the Union States of the United States of America (Corporation), our ancestors were forbidden to identify using their former tribal classifications and identities.  Since the 13th century, our ancestors have been classified with many racial identities. In fact, we are the only race of people who were reclassified approximately 8 times. More specifically, from Aboriginals, Indians, Negros, Coloreds, Mulattos, Blacks, Afro American, and now African American.

The colonizers even went as far as redefining who an American is.  Indeed, in Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary an American is now defined as: “A native of America; originally applied to the Aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America”.  The fact that American originally applied to our ancestors confirms our multiple classifications.

Today, The Waya Nation consists of those thousands of “unrecognized” tribes who have humbly re-established themselves in this society.  One of our main goals is to educate our people who have been racially classified regarding our true history here in America.  

We are a re-established Nation of humble people and promote positive behaviors within the communities that we were forced to live in…the inner-cities – formerly known as “Indian public housing” … where many of our people currently occupy. We will continue to work very hard in our communities in an effort to reverse the negative behaviors and restore dignity and pride in our people.