Chief Bethy-Connecticut

MSW - Legal Studies and Criminal Justice (UCONN and UHART). 38-Year Government Employee, 22 Year Freelance Paralegal Specialist - Employment/Housing/Racial Discrimination. Certified Grant Writer. Founder of The Waya Nation 2020. All Members consist of the many “recognized and un-recognized” Bands/Clans/Tribes across the 50 States of America.


Widowed, 1 daughter and (1 deceased son). Twin Grandsons age 7.

Chief Alease-Las Vegas
Vice Chair

Joined The Waya Nation in 2020 and was appointed as an Associate Chief. In 2021 Ms. Jones appointed Vice President. She is honored to be in the family of The Waya Nation Inc. 


25+ years of experience in Customer Service, Security, Catering and Management. Alease was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA with family roots from Texas and Georgia.


Enjoys living a vegan lifestyle, cooking vegan and traditional food. Spending time with family is very important to Alease. She loves traveling and enjoying life peacefully in abundance. Alease prides herself at encouraging and uplifting others.



Chief Curtis-Ohio
Assistant Chief

Graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with an MBA in Business . Retired from the United States Navy Owner of Hill & Hill Company LLC (HandyMan Services). 

Chief Herb-New Jersey
Associate Chief

BA in Liberal Arts with an area of interest in Psychology and Education. I been in a Supervisory role with the Home Care Industry for 20 years. Being an effective collaborator and consistently maintaining organization is an essential principle factor for me.” 

Chief Adrian-Florida
Associate Chief

Born into a farming community in a small town nestled south of St. Augustine, Florida. Graduated in 2014 from Daytona State College. Achieved an associate degree in Audio Recording/Technology. Recently erected a business in transportation and logistics since 2016.

Chief Pat-Louisianna
Associate Chief

Poet/Author, Reader and Spiritual Advisor. 

Chief Rodney-California
Associate Chief

Born and raised in San Diego California. Waya tribal Member since 2020. Family roots, (mother side) Macon Georgia, Okmulgee Oklahoma, (father side)Choctaw County Mississippi, Milo Carter County Oklahoma. 10 years working ship repair on U.S Naval vessels providing Temporary Services such as 30, 60, 100, and 200 Amp cables, ventilation and light stringers for all trades and production. A Married Family man raising 5 sons and 1 daughter with the passion to instill essence values in family, creativity, governing your own thoughts and thinking for yourself

Chief Denise-New Jersey
Associate Chief

25 years of experience working in the Banking and Financing Industry. Held Leadership positions for an aggregate amount of 12 years. In order to be a great leader, you have to value and exhibit the true definition of being a Team Player. I also take pride in providing exceptional customer service. 

Chief Guy-Texas
Associate Chief

I am of Cherokee descent. Professional Painter (interior and exterior). Certified Auto Mechanic Business.

Chief Kenya-New York
Assistant Chief & Youth Director

Associate Chief of The WAYA Nation & Director of the Youth Committee, since 2021. 


She is a Mother, Entrepreneur, Artist and Mentor. Earned and (A.A) Fine & Applied Arts/Real Estate, also many certificates and awards. In 2022, she received an Achiever’s Award for her dedication and commitment in her community.


What makes her most honored, is the research of her family’s genealogy, discovering her family’s Tribe and knowing her ancestors descend from North America. She looks forward with pride, determination, education, strength and development, in the continuing support of The WAYA Nation & Youth.

Chief Dorothy-Oklahoma
Associate Chief

Born in El Paso, Tx and raised in Oklahoma. My parents were from Mississippi and Georgia. Choctaw/Cherokee descent. A Professional Truck driver for 32 years. Herbalist and Researcher 39 years. Owner of Milleys Healing Company for 7 years. Owns Dorothy-Condry:Bey Express Trust.  Married for 40 years. Four children and 7 grandchildren .

Chief David-Florida
Associate Chief

Professional experience in General Warehousing (Order pulling, Shipping, Sit Down Forklift). Experience in Delivery and Rental Car Shuttling/Supervisor and PT Janitorial/Porter. Auto, Car Audio and HandyMan.

Chief Willie-Connecticut
Associate Chief

25 years Professional Truck Driver, Logistics (shipping & receiving). 

Chief Wilfrid-Texas
Associate Chief

Resident of Houston, TX. License Electrician, Tallahassee, Florida. I started in 1995  with the IBEW program and became a Journeyman Electrician in 2001, I'm also a Military Contractor. I've worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, the South Pole and now in the Marshall Islands with the Army. I'm also an electrical contractor in the State of Texas and a father of five children.

Chief Glennis-South Carolina
Associate Chief
Chief Lynn-Virginia
Associate Chief & Spiritualist Counselor

Virginia State University from 96-98 taking Political Science. Customer Service Representative 1998-2003.
Caretaker 2003- to present. Spiritual Advisor for over 20 years.

Chief Jamaine-California
Associate Chief

Information Technology for the past 8 years working with fortune 500 companies as well as medical facilities within California. I continue to grow my skills through experience and certifications and I look forward to assisting my Nation using what I've learned over the years.

Chief Curtis-California
Associate Chief

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. My Family is of Choctaw and Cherokee descent. A Graduate of Union University and Institution. BA in Criminal Justice Management and a Masters in Organizational Leadership. Currently a student in the Doctorate of Business Program (DBA) at  NorthCentral University. I’ve worked in Law Enforcement for 20 Years. I take Pride in helping rebuild lives and Providing Services to achieve a safer and healthier community.

Chief Kelvin-Mississippi
Associate Chief

Born and raised in rural west Tennessee in the City of Dyersburg. Attended Dyersburg High School - a national School of excellence 1998. Attended Lambuth University in Jackson, TN where he played defensive back for the 8th ranked Lambuth Eagles. He is the owner of Royaly Mobile and an employee for Kroger Delta distribution in Memphis,TN .